Settlers of

North Dakota, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wessels, Eva May  Abt 1894North Dakota, USA I7061
2 Webber, Lelia Meryle  1896North Dakota, USA I6595
3 Sisson, Steward Stanley  31 Oct 1887North Dakota, USA I47
4 Sisson, Sarah Verna  07 Jul 1894North Dakota, USA I46
5 Sisson, Edward Lutz  Abt 1910North Dakota, USA I5671
6 Sisson, Addie Gertrude  Abt 1899North Dakota, USA I45
7 Melville, Thomas Harold  1903North Dakota, USA I2159
8 Melville, Paul  18 Jun 1892North Dakota, USA I2154
9 Melville, John Edmond  05 Apr 1895North Dakota, USA I2153
10 Melville, Catherine Margaretta  1901North Dakota, USA I2158
11 Jarvis, William Hector  Nov 1885North Dakota, USA I2550
12 Jarvis, James Russel  19 Feb 1897North Dakota, USA I2553
13 Jarvis, Hazel M  Sep 1889North Dakota, USA I2556
14 Howell, Percival Earl  Aug 1894North Dakota, USA I3025
15 Howell, Minnie Ethel  May 1892North Dakota, USA I3026
16 Howell, Clarence R  Sep 1896North Dakota, USA I3024
17 Herriot, Elizabeth  1889North Dakota, USA I2271
18 Hendrickson, Vivian  Abt 1920North Dakota, USA I77
19 Hendrickson, Lester  Abt 1919North Dakota, USA I74
20 Hendrickson, Alvin  Abt 1917North Dakota, USA I75
21 Hadden, William Lawrence  Abt 1909North Dakota, USA I4296
22 Hadden, Norman Maxwell  Abt 1910North Dakota, USA I4297
23 Hadden, Dorothy Mae  Abt 1907North Dakota, USA I4295
24 Gardner, James Alexander  25 Nov 1897North Dakota, USA I1419
25 Fitzsimonds, Robert  Sep 1894North Dakota, USA I4810
26 Fitzsimonds, Mary  Jul 1889North Dakota, USA I4809
27 Fitzsimonds, Katie  Dec 1883North Dakota, USA I4807
28 Fitzsimonds, James  Feb 1886North Dakota, USA I4808
29 Fitzsimmons, James  May 1899North Dakota, USA I2687
30 Edwards, John Dougall  Abt 1881North Dakota, USA I6524
31 Edith  Abt 1891North Dakota, USA I2760


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Sisson, James  31 Oct 1950North Dakota, USA I29
2 Howell, Henry Darius  27 Jun 1893North Dakota, USA I2914
3 Buck, Daniel  11 Jul 1896North Dakota, USA I1977