Settlers of




Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Keers), Jane  Abt 1859Scotland I4716
2 (Smith), Elisa  Abt 1857Scotland I6490
3 Armour, Jane  Abt 1909Scotland I3376
4 Begg, James  Abt 1825Scotland I2730
5 Brown, George  25 Feb 1874Scotland I5454
6 Brown, Mary  20 Apr 1861Scotland I3798
7 Burr, Charles  1902Scotland I1172
8 Catton, Margaret McDonald  Abt 1897Scotland I3585
9 Chambers, Ellen  22 Feb 1856Scotland I1681
10 CHAMBERS, James  22 Feb 1854Scotland I1680
11 Chambers, Marjorie  13 Mar 1849Scotland I1679
12 Craig, Margaret  Abt 1840Scotland I3012
13 Duncan, Margaret  Sep 1835Scotland I640
14 Fee, John Bradford  10 Jun 1844Scotland I2509
15 Foord, Janet  Abt 1806Scotland I2744
16 McCallum, Mary  Abt 1894Scotland I743
17 McCaw, Matthew Craig  Abt 1845Scotland I655
18 McColl, John S  1817Scotland I1828
19 McMullen, Angus  Abt 1844Scotland I6356
20 Morrison, Catherine  1827Scotland I2685
21 Prentice, John  Nov 1835Scotland I1247
22 Reid, Alex  Abt 1850Scotland I6482
23 Richards, Thomas  24 Dec 1838Scotland I86
24 Robertson, Peter  Abt 1831Scotland I3965
25 Ross, George R  Abt 1841Scotland I4718
26 Sidey, Hannah  Jun 1829Scotland I2746
27 Sidey, Peter  1797Scotland I2745
28 Smith, Henry  Abt 1849Scotland I6489
29 Strang, John Mather  Abt 1888Scotland I2240