Photo of Road Construction

Below are lists of construction projects planned and scheduled by the Township for the 2016 season.  

Oxtongue Lake Area

The following roads in the Oxtongue Lake area will receive ditching/shouldering maintenance and a slurry seal surface treatment.

Ditching and shouldering, tentatively scheduled to start May 9, 2016, will help with drainage.  The slurry seal surface treatment (date to be determined) will help extend the surface life of the road.

Algonquin Outfitters Road
Harris Road
Tom Paris Road
Windy Point Road
Gervais Road
Elliot Road
Blue Spruce Road
Oxtongue Landfill Road

Dorset Area

Russell Landing Road will receive a double surface treatment on a section of road where corner widening and ditching took place in 2015. 
Date to be determined.

Stanhope Area

Buckslide Road from Hwy 35 to the Walker Line Road intersection will be pulverized, graded and compacted and will also receive a new double surface treatment. Culvert replacements will also be completed where needed.
Start date to be determined.

Stanhope Airport Road will be ditched, pulverized, graded, compacted and receive a new double surface treatment. Tentatively scheduled to start May 24, 2016.  Culvert replacements will also take place where required. Date to be determined.

Contact Information

Mike Thomas
Operations Manager
Phone: 705-489-2379

Stanhope Public Works Yard
1085 North Shore Road
Phone:  705-489-2600

Dorset Public Works Yard
1850 Kawagama Lake Road
Phone:  705-766-2912