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Wi-Fi Locations

There are 3 free Wi-Fi locations in Algonquin Highlands. The signals may be found in the vicinity of the Stanhope Library on North Shore Road, the Dorset Recreation Centre in Dorset, and the Haliburton/Stanhope Municipal Airport terminal building. No password is required at any of these locations - just search available networks and away you go. These signals are available 24/7.

Stanhope Library
1109 North Shore Rd.    
Dorset Recreation Centre    
1051 Main St., Dorset
Haliburton/Stanhope Municipal Airport
1168 Stanhope Airport Rd.

Public Computer Access

Haliburton County is home to network of community-based computers called the Community Access Program (CAP). The CAP sites in Algonquin Highlands may be found at the Stanhope Library and in the Dorset Recreation Centre.

Thumbdrives are permitted.  Fees apply per page for printing.

The Stanhope CAP site is available during library hours.  The Dorset CAP site is available during Recreation Centre hours.