The Cultural Resources Committee embraces, and through its activities, supports the vision statement outlined in the Municipal Cultural Plan


Algonquin Highlands’ culture is defined by its people, rugged, natural beauty, love of place and commitment to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We build on our culture of perseverance, innovation, appreciation for nature, respect for history, healthy living and artistic creativity to market our assets and strengthen our future.

The Cultural Resources Committee mandate is to assist Council with the implementation of the Algonquin Highlands Cultural Plan based on the Vision, Goals and Actions contained in the plan.

Municipal Cultural Plan

The Committee makes recommendations to council and undertakes tasks and establishes working groups as required to support the implantation of the plan.

The Cultural Resources Committee normally meets at 9:30 am on the last Thursday of each month. Meeting Locations rotate among Stanhope, Dorset and Oxtongue Lake.

Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Meeting documents, including minutes and agendas are available via the Algonquin Highlands Civic Web.


The Committee is represented by the following members: 

The Mayor – Carol Moffatt (ex-officio)

Two (2) Township Councillors appointed by the Mayor:

  • Jennifer Dailloux

Representation from the following groups and sectors

  • Haliburton County Development Corporation
    • Jim Blake
  • Haliburton County Public Library
    • Sherrill Sherwood
  • Dorset Museum Committee
    • Gord Henderson
  • Stanhope Museum Committee
  • Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands
    • Chris Lynd
  • OLAC - Oxtongue Lake Arts & Culture
    • Christopher Woods
  • Lake Community Representative
    • Norma Goodger

If you are interested in the activities of the Cultural Resources Committee please contact:

Sean O'Callaghan
Phone: 705-489-2379


Municipal Cultural Plan