Settlers of

Saskatchewan, Canada



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Almond, Thelma Jean  Abt 1913Saskatchewan, Canada I7209
2 Bailey, Albert Francis  17 Oct 1893Saskatchewan, Canada I3246
3 Bailey, Clayton  20 Aug 1898Saskatchewan, Canada I4794
4 Bailey, Elizabeth Ann  28 Feb 1896Saskatchewan, Canada I3247
5 Bailey, Eva  Jul 1907Saskatchewan, Canada I3248
6 Bailey, John  19 Aug 1888Saskatchewan, Canada I3244
7 Barry, Carmel E  Abt 1921Saskatchewan, Canada I8353
8 Donovan, George Melville  13 Jan 1894Saskatchewan, Canada I6978
9 Henderson, Dorothy  Abt 1912Saskatchewan, Canada I1913
10 Henderson, Olive Kathleen  11 Aug 1909Saskatchewan, Canada I1914
11 Henderson, Phyllis  Abt 1916Saskatchewan, Canada I3267
12 Howell, Adrian Orser  10 Jun 1905Saskatchewan, Canada I2921
13 McIntyre, Benjamin Frank  9 Apr 1921Saskatchewan, Canada I7223
14 McIntyre, Lawrence Wesley  Abt 1919Saskatchewan, Canada I7222
15 McIntyre, Mabel Laurene  Abt 1920Saskatchewan, Canada I7219
16 McIntyre, Muriel Annie  Abt 1917Saskatchewan, Canada I7221
17 McPhail, Charles Herbert  30 Jul 1919Saskatchewan, Canada I678
18 McPhail, Frederick John  14 Oct 1917Saskatchewan, Canada I679
19 McPhail, James Weldon  17 Mar 1923Saskatchewan, Canada I4485
20 Pritchard, Audrey  Abt 1918Saskatchewan, Canada I5910
21 Pritchard, Kenneth Carlyle  2 Jul 1913Saskatchewan, Canada I5909
22 Rennie, Dorothy M  Abt 1916Saskatchewan, Canada I4535
23 Sims, Alice  23 Feb 1917Saskatchewan, Canada I5682
24 Sims, Helen  Abt 1919Saskatchewan, Canada I5684
25 Sims, Iris Joy  23 Feb 1917Saskatchewan, Canada I5683
26 Sims, Therm  Abt 1921Saskatchewan, Canada I5685
27 Sims, William John  Abt 1923Saskatchewan, Canada I5686
28 Thomas, Bernice  Abt 1924Saskatchewan, Canada I5688
29 Thomas, Elmore  Abt 1922Saskatchewan, Canada I5687
30 Thompson, Oscar E  Abt 1902Saskatchewan, Canada I4307
31 Wright, Francis James  Abt 1918Saskatchewan, Canada I757
32 Wright, Hugh  17 Dec 1922Saskatchewan, Canada I6166
33 Wright, James  Abt 1926Saskatchewan, Canada I6168


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, John  14 Apr 1905Saskatchewan, Canada I3244
2 Barnum, Redvers Rudyard  1920Saskatchewan, Canada I6779
3 Boice, Stella Lerena  1994Saskatchewan, Canada I974
4 Henderson, Edgar Allan  7 Nov 1906Saskatchewan, Canada I1896
5 Jones, Elizabeth Ann  18 Dec 1919Saskatchewan, Canada I665
6 Melville, William Clark  15 Apr 1936Saskatchewan, Canada I2136
7 Morrison, Mary Jane  28 Jan 1944Saskatchewan, Canada I1998
8 Sawyer, Benjamin  10 Jul 1942Saskatchewan, Canada I1567
9 Sims, Iris Joy  26 May 2020Saskatchewan, Canada I5683
10 Turner, Ivy D  15 Aug 1997Saskatchewan, Canada I7567