Settlers of

Quebec, Canada



Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (Vanclieaf), Jeney  Abt 1807Quebec, Canada I6372
2 Barnum, Andrew  Abt 1816Quebec, Canada I3255
3 Buchanan, Robert  Abt 1848Quebec, Canada I6479
4 Courtemanche, Bathilde  11 Apr 1849Quebec, Canada I3746
5 Courtney, Sarah  10 Sep 1833Quebec, Canada I2774
6 Everson, Henry  Abt 1846Quebec, Canada I6728
7 Fitzsimonds, Alexander  Abt 1856Quebec, Canada I2695
8 Fitzsimonds, Henry  Abt 1858Quebec, Canada I3929
9 Fitzsimonds, James  Abt 1853Quebec, Canada I2696
10 Fitzsimonds, Mary Jane  Abt 1854Quebec, Canada I2702
11 Fitzsimonds, William  Abt 1857Quebec, Canada I3276
12 Harvey, Francis  Abt 1825Quebec, Canada I6309
13 Harvey, Thomas R  May 1862Quebec, Canada I2946
14 Harvey, Victor Colborne  25 Mar 1838Quebec, Canada I2943
15 Hatford, Eliza Jane  Abt 1825Quebec, Canada I4763
16 Horner, Lloyd Gordon  Abt 1905Quebec, Canada I7907
17 Houston, Elizabeth  26 Aug 1852Quebec, Canada I1546
18 Keenan, Annie  Abt 1891Quebec, Canada I6890
19 Lachine, George  1836Quebec, Canada I2839
20 Lepan, Joseph  Abt 1846Quebec, Canada I6386
21 McCall, Helen Beatrice  Abt 1869Quebec, Canada I6903
22 McMullin, Margaret  1837Quebec, Canada I1621
23 Russell, Joseph  Abt 1816Quebec, Canada I3782
24 Sawyer, David  Abt 1815Quebec, Canada I4762
25 Sawyer, Nancy Matilda  Jun 1822Quebec, Canada I3779
26 Thompson, George  29 Jul 1823Quebec, Canada I2775
27 Thompson, George  Abt 1861Quebec, Canada I2780
28 Thompson, Mathew  17 Apr 1867Quebec, Canada I2779
29 Thompson, Robert John  16 Nov 1865Quebec, Canada I2778
30 Thompson, Sarah  24 Sep 1860Quebec, Canada I3375
31 Thompson, William James  13 Jun 1856Quebec, Canada I2777
32 Tyrrell, Joseph  Abt 1835Quebec, Canada I4478
33 Upton, James  28 Dec 1866Quebec, Canada I724
34 Upton, Richard  17 May 1876Quebec, Canada I1436
35 Upton, William John  18 Mar 1864Quebec, Canada I1430