We understand that losing a pet is a traumatic experience.  It's our hope that this website can help increase the chances of getting Fido or Fluffy back home. 

Lost & Found Pets

Lost Cats

Photo of brown tabby cat with black stripes, white front paws and white nose and chestDate lost: Saturday, September 18, 2021
Area last scene: Norm Wallace Lane (Halls Lake)
Breed: Male, short-haired tabby
Colour and markings: brown and black tabby, white paws and nose, wearing a green collar
Other info: Micro-chipped
Contact information: Kate - 647-354-9837

photo of white cat with one blue and one green eyeDate lost: Friday September 10, 2021
Area last scene: Kawagama Lake Rd, Dorset, near Timbr Mart
Breed: Albino Siamese
Size and weight: small, about 8 lbs
Colour and markings: white, with a blue and a green eye
Approximate age: 8
Other info: very active, may climb a tree, she meows and is very friendly with people, she doesn't like other animals
Contact information: 289-797-0769

To Report a Lost or Found Pet

To report a lost or found pet for a posting on this website, please e-mail us with as much of the following information as possible:

Your contact information: Please provide your name and contact information - keep in mind this information is made public, if you have a concern about this, please let us know in your e-mail
Date the pet was lost/found: date
Area the pet was lost/found: road, nearest cross road, lake, park, etc.
Breed: or description of what your dog looks like (e.g. like a shepherd with floppy ears like a lab)
Type of collar and colour: description
Size and weight: e.g. 20lb, very tall and lean
Colour and markings: e.g. grey-brindle/black
Approximate age: e.g. 5 years (but acts like a puppy)
Tag, license or tattoo number:  e.g. blue name tag and license tag from Markham
Other info:  e.g. shy of strangers, approach with food, don't chase, broke his leash and maybe dragging it or snagged on something

Note: By providing your name and contact information, you are agreeing to have it posted on the "Lost and Found Pets" webpage and the Township of Algonquin Highlands is not responsible for its use.