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Waste Disposal Services have been impacted by COVID-19
Details available HERE

Please utilize the WASTE WIZARD to assist you in finding the most current informaton on what is accepted where and site operating hours.

The Township operates four waste disposal sites, located at the addresses listed below.

REMINDER:  You must present a current Landill user ID card, or a Cottage Kit landfill pass to access Township waste disposal sites. 
Bright Orange cards were mailed out with your interim tax bill in February 2021.  

Not all sites accept all materials, so be sure to check the "Waste Wizard" to learn where various materials are accepted and if there are fees associated with those materials.  All sites accept household garbage and blue box materials (paper, plastic, glass).

Have you lost your landfill card?  Replacement cards can be requested.  Please visit /wastewizard.php#!rc-page=480040complete the form and a replacement card will be mailed to you.  Take good care of your card!  You are welcome to laminate it, apply protective coatings, secure it in a case, etc.  Please note that digital copies (photographs, scans, etc.) and other types of reproductions are not accepted.

Recycling is mandatory in Algonquin Highlands. Check the Recycling & Waste Diversion Programs page for more information on our Blue Box and other recycling programs.

Maple Lake Landfill 1302 McPhail Road -- off North Shore Road, Beech Lake
Hawk Lake Landfill Permanently closed
Pine Springs Landfill 1326 Pine Springs Rd. -- off Hwy. 35, north end of Kushog Lake
Dorset Transfer Station 1087 Maple Ridge Dr., Dorset -- off Kawagama Lake Rd. (County Rd. 8)
Oxtongue Lake Landfill     3401 Hwy. 60 -- about 4 km east of the intersection with Hwy. 35, on north side of highway

*Residents are restricted to using the waste management sites in the geographic township where their property is located. Residents from either geographic township may use the Pine Springs Landfill.

Hours of Operation

Please note:  Hawk Lake Landfill is now permanently closed (effective Oct 15 2021)

Click here for a printable copy of the Hours of Operation.

Winter Hours: OCTOBER 16 – APRIL 30

Waste Site Sun &
Holiday Monday
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Maple Lake Landfill 10am-3pm 10am-2pm   10am-2pm   10am-2pm 10am-2pm
Pine Springs Landfill 10am-3pm     10am-2pm      
Dorset Transfer Station 10am-3pm 10am-2pm 10am-2pm   10am-2pm   10am-2pm
Oxtongue Lake Landfill 10am-3pm     10am-2pm      


Summer Hours: MAY 1 – OCTOBER 15

Waste Site Sun &
Holiday Mondays**
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Maple Lake Landfill 10am-7pm 1pm-7pm   8am-1pm   1pm-7pm 8am-5pm
Pine Springs Landfill 10am-7pm     1pm-7pm     8am-5pm
Dorset Transfer Station 10am-7pm 8am-1pm 1pm-7pm   12pm-5pm 12pm-5pm 8am-5pm
Oxtongue Lake Landfill 10am-7pm 8am-1pm   1pm-7pm   8am-1pm 8am-5pm

**Holiday Monday includes:

Family Day, Victoria Day, Ontario Civic Holiday (August), Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following public holidays only if they fall on a Monday: New Years Day (Jan 1), Canada Day (July 1), Boxing Day (December 26). NEW! When Canada Day (July 1) falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the Monday following the Holiday (July 2 or 3) shall have Holiday Monday hours.
Note: Easter Monday is NOT a public holiday.

Contact Information

Melissa Murray
Environmental Coordinator
Phone: 705-489-2379 Ext. 332


Landfill Hours of Operation
Recycling Guide