Photo of the Dorset Ice Palace lit for night skating

Outdoor Rinks
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Rink Conditions

Both the Stanhope Gardens and Dorset Ice Palace are natural ice surfaces.  As we head towards spring, rain and above freezing temperatures are expected to be more frequent. When this happens, the rinks are closed.  Please do not use the rinks if the weather is warm as this can cause significant damage to the surfaces and can delay opening.

Stanhope Gardens - CLOSED for the season

Dorset Ice Palace - CLOSED for the season

Rules for Outdoor Rinks

  • Rink availability is weather dependent
  • Do not use the rinks during periods of thaw when ice surface is wet or soft or marked as closed
  • The use of appropriate helmets is strongly recommended
  • Please respect the environment, dispose of litter in the receptacle provided
  • Hours of use is sunrise to 11:00 pm  (lights will go out at 11pm nightly)
  • Rinks are available for both skating and hockey, please respect one another in this shared use space
  • Outdoor rinks are unsupervised.  Users of the outdoor rinks do so at their own risk, and therefore, voluntarily assume all risks associated with use.  The Township of Algonquin Highlands does not assume responsibility for related risks or injuries.  Outdoor equipment/structures are not sanitized.

Rink Locations and amenities

Stanhope Gardensphoto of Stanhope Gardens outdoor ice rink

  • Located at the Stanhope Park, 1095 North Shore Road, Algonquin Highlands
  • Open daily until 11:00 pm. Lights can be turned on by the user on the light post next to the rink
  • Outdoor privy on site beside the picnic pavilion

Dorset Ice Palace

  • Located at the Dorset Lions Centennial Park, main street, Dorset (beside the Algonquin Highlands Fire Hall, station 60)
  • Open daily until 11:00 pm. Lights turn on automatically
  • The change room is CLOSED at this time due to COVID-19 precautions
  • Outdoor privy on site